Vuk ÄosiÄ on Tue, 9 Oct 2012 03:59:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Poorly hidden self promotion by Vuk

Hello dear group of people,
here's what I have to share:

I am working on a theory about the so-called Technology Cycle. It is about
where the ideas come from, who takes them over, how they are dumped on
society and how the society fights back.
I will sit in a gallery for 3 weeks and study. In the end there will be a
talk about how far I managed to get.
The gallery itself is organised as a room for thinking, with panels
including the famous Disney - von Braun collaboration, as well as the
Obama/Assange -Putin/PussyRiot deal in Dubai.


The Ministry of Culture is apparently cashless or something so they didn't
quite come through with payment for my show.
I decided to do the show nevertheless, only in an empty gallery, and since
the intervention of the state was so incisive I felt the need to sign the
minister as co-author.
The show opens on Wednesday in gallery Aksioma in Ljubljana.
Here's the press release:

I figure, since this is about the type of theory us nettimers like and also
about confrontation with a regime you lot might approve.
If not, please simply disregard this as promotion.

Salutes for now
would be great to meet
Vuk, your friend

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