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Artist Kenneth Goldsmith Attempting to 'Print the Internet'

By Heather Manes, Fri, May 31, 2013

One artist is attempting to do the impossible: print out the entire

Kenneth Goldsmith, an avant-garde technology artist known for his
off-the-wall schemes, is asking for internet users everywhere to print
out pieces of the internet and send to him, so he can fill a 500
square meter space in Mexico City  all before July 26th.

The feat, though he acknowledges is impossible, is an interesting
one, intending to conceptualize the sheer magnitude of information
available over the internet, in printed form.

The art project, Goldsmith says, is in honor of Aaron Swartz who
committed suicide earlier this year. Swartz was one of the founders
of Reddit and an advocate of free information. He was accused
of illegally downloading much of the JSTOR archive of academic
articles, which has spawned a great debate about free information and
information availability online.

ÂThe amount of what he liberated was enormous -- we can't begin to
understand the magnitude of his action until we begin to materialize
and actualize it, Goldsmith said to Yahoo! via email. ÂThis project
tries to bring that point home.Â

Goldsmith, who is currently the Museum of Modern ArtÂs first poet
laureate, is known for his different and quirky ideas. He is also the
founding editor of UbuWeb, where avant-garde creativity is archived,
and has penned various works such as Day, which was a reiteration of
one New York Times newspaper, Solilquy, and Seven American Deaths and
Disasters, which is republished transcripts from media articles or
reports on 9/11 and other tragedies.

ÂWhile we could theorize printing out the internet in its entirety
-- something that a conceptual art piece would do -- the sheer bulk
and physicality of the act needs to be materialized to be able to
understand the sheer magnitude, Goldsmith said.


Please don't print the internet

Petitioning kenneth goldsmith

Please don't print the internet

        Justin Swanhart
        Petition by
        Justin Swanhart
        Mountain View, CA

A sustainable responsible approach to life requires that humans adopt
a conservative approach to resource usage.

While it is appreciated that Mr Goldsmith plans to recycle the paper
used in his art exhibit, reduction of usage is more important than
post-usage recycling.

Chemicals harmful to the environment are used in the production of
paper, and the recycling of paper, not to mention the amount of
plastic and ink waste from toner cartridges, ink cartridges and other
non-paper related supplies which may pollute the landfill.

Reached 250 signatures

Reasons for signing

    Juan Claudio Betancor GonzÃlez LAS PALMAS, SPAIN
        6 days ago
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Printing internet is not creative nor art. It is a waste of time and resources. Please, find something more creative to do.
    Shannon Moore AUSTIN, TX
        6 days ago
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    This is eco-terrorism not art.
    Tyler Chinn FOWLERVILLE, MI
        7 days ago
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    Trees are important. They shouldn't be wasted for modern art.
    mal vecino BOGOTÃ, COLOMBIA
        8 days ago
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because nature is more important than a exhibit of maximum 24 hours and maybe nobody will care.
        20 days ago
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    Stupid idea, and think of the trees!

More Reasons

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