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Re: <nettime> Death of a Hospital

On Tue, 30 Jul 2013, Alan Sondheim wrote:


> The US idea of healthcare is increasingly moving in two directions - 
> every nicety and technological advance for the rich - and back- breaking 
> financial burdens for the rest of us. Obamacare doesn't change this that 
> much and it will probably be defeated anyway. 

Regardless of any merits or demerits of the Affordavble Care Act (aka 
"ACA" and "ObamaCare), There is exactly a ZERO chance of it being 
"defeated": are you conscous, or was your failure of consciousness the 
cause for your neuro visit?

The ACA has already been passed by both houses of congress; signed into 
law by Obama himself; survived a SCOTUS review (through some creatively
ingenious (if not a bit schizophrenic) flights of fancy by our not very 
esteemed Chief Justice (if anyone had suggested 20 years ago that I would 
actually *miss* Rehnquist someday, I would have called the ambulance for 
their raging hallucinations myself!); and is now the Law of The Land.  

Like it or don't, there is no longer anything to "defeat" - not that the 
Republicunts haven't wasted over 40 votes on symbolic "repeal attempts" 
that they know cannot pass, despite not having taken the time to actually 
use their enumerated powers to vote for or against something (ANYTHING) 
that actually matters...

> The horror of people I know struggling to stay alive in the US is 
> unimaginable.

And yet the two disreputable "parties" (at least that is *something* they 
can actually *do* (just not together) argree that there are too many 
"moochers" out there getting rich on food stamps (now known as "SNAP": 
same shit, different high fat, high calorie, zero nutritional value meal), 
and are now merely arguing whether to cut the FS "benefit" buy 25% or 
50%!  Like anyone can eat for 30 days on $199 in food stamps now?  As 
prices are climbing, we are arguing how much "fat" to "trim" from this 
"wasteful" and "unneccessary" program...

> People are dying, are been driven into poverty, as a result of greed. 

So, ask again: "Why is the United States the 'greatest country in the 
world?' - after all, we all know the answer hasn't changed since the 
Dynamic Duo (Ronald the asswipe Reagan in the USA, and Margaret "Big 
Fucking Brass Balls" Thatcher in the UK) were screaming that drivel 30 
years ago...

> There's no way out. I wish these developers will all get sick, 
> unbearably, unbelievably, sick, sick to the point of death - and beyond 
> - and that they lose all their money and have to get in lines for 
> emergency care or be turned away at the door. I wish them hell. They 
> make live miserable for the rest of us. 

No, they don't.  *WE* make lives miserable for us!  They are doing exactly 
what "We The [moronic] People" have told them to: worry only about 
self-enrichment and re-election, and ignore anything else that may get in 
the way.

If you want things to change, you are going to have to take up arms and 
FORCE that change.  Not by sitting in the parks chanting idiotic slogans, 
but by actually causing damage to the Status-Quo. Pick your weapon(s): 
Guns, knives, code, active refusal to participate, etc., whatever you 
choose, you'd damn well better get ready for your face to be smashed in or 
maced (or both if you live in New York Shitty), as they cart you off to 
prison as fodder for the Prison Industrial Complex that everyone demanded 
be erected as "cost cutting measures"...  

The USA is lost.  What it needs to clear it's "arteries" (infrastuctures 
as diverse as highways and simple law [not attitude] Enforcement),  is a 
nuclear smoothie enema.

> I hope they go up in flames in this life because I sure don't believe in 
> hell.

Really? How can you not believe in "hell", when you *live* in it?

Nothing says "Welcome Back" like a good <rant>!



Those who make peaceful change impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable.

An American Spring is coming:
   one way or another.

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