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Re: <nettime> After Lavabit, Silent Circle ...

Dear Patrice

We met us some years ago at sam nemeth departament
I read from cryptome these email today.

Dear Friends,,
FBI removed from the network service provider Encrypted Email U.S. about two months used by Snowden
Site Lavabit gave emails and encryption services privacy.
To NSA / CIA / FBI has no ability to track keywords in the database as

There free services like Gmail / Hotmail.

The FBI was able to get an instance of a robot judicial district closed the U.S.

Site completely. Closed site today. Currently you can not see the contents of the discussion.

Site owners have knowledge of computers from Texas turning appeal.

The main reason for the postcard - Edward Snowden use this site to his correspondence with

Overseas media, this email ...

. The FBI already had a pile of margarine and tried to convince his father interrupted the

Expense Moscow and convince his son to be sentenced in the U.S.. Hook.

In short we came to be a martyr ... father appeared in today's television

Kremlin and Putin said thank you and the Russian people. He said that his only son gene

The Constitution of the United States. Now Putin defends U.S. Constitution and 20,000

Files of the NSA ...



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