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<nettime> call for proposals - PRISM break up @ Eyebeam - updated email address!

Since lavabit shut down we have a new email address for submitting
proposals: prismbreakup@eyebeam.org.

If you know anyone else who might be into please pass the RFP on!
here's the link:




 *PRISM Break Up*
October 3-6, 2013

*Request for Proposals *

*On October 3-6, 2013, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center will host the
first event of its kind *PRISM Break Up*, a series of art and technology
events dedicated to exploring and providing forms of protection from
overreaching surveillance. The gathering will bring together a wide
spectrum of artists, hackers, academics, activists, security analysts and
journalists for a long weekend of meaningful conversation, hands-on
workshops and art installations.

*Why does it matter?
*In the contemporary digital era, privacy has become a luxury for the
initiated. Google and Facebook mine your personal data for a profit, the
government monitors your phone calls, even shopping malls track the mobile
phones connected to their wifi. In the wake of revelations about the NSA
PRISM program, many citizens are left wondering what they can do to protect
their privacy. We believe everyone has a right to define their own digital
privacy, understand how it is being compromised, and feel empowered to
protect it.

Initiatives like Prism Break
the Locker Project (http://lockerproject.org/) <http://lockerproject.org/>,
and Security in a Box
attempted to combat privacy violations, but the process continues to
be complex and inaccessible to the general population. We also recognize
that security and privacy, especially at the hardware level, is tricky, but
that's not going to stop us from trying to determine how it can best be

*Thursday  Oct. 3 - Kickoff party and art opening.

Friday Oct. 4 - Evening lectures/discussions, screening party.

Saturday Oct. 5- Day of workshops.

Sunday Oct. 6- Lectures/discussions, wrap up, help cafe, cryptoparty.

There are three categories of participation: *talks, workshops* and *art*:

*Do you have an idea for a lecture, panel discussion or other type of talk
you would like to give about privacy, security, surveillance or PRISM
related issues? Submit your idea! Talks will take place Friday, *Oct. 4th*.

Topics can be from 15-20 minutes in length, variable if a panel discussion
is implied. From the submissions, we will select between 6-8 talks and a
maximum of 2 panels.

*The goal of these workshops is to share security techniques with the
general public. Want to teach people how to secure their communications? Is
it possible to get off Google? How do we avoid being tracked? If you know
how to do so in a fun and engaging way, propose a workshop! We are also
looking for people to assist during our Sunday help cafe.

Initial workshop ideas include implementing any of the PRISM-break
technologies (https://prism-break.org/) <https://prism-break.org/>, mobile
encryption, building affinity groups, evading hardware level surveillance,
steganographic tools, submitting FOIA requests, and generally getting over
Google. Workshops will be around 45 minutes in length and take place on
Saturday, *Oct. 5th*.

*Do you create works dealing with issues of privacy and surveillance?
Submit your work to the PRISM Break Up exhibition taking place *Oct.
3-6.*Installations and collaborations, non-traditional and
experimental work is

Is your work ephemeral, hard to transport or located far from New York? We
can?t cover transportation but we are having a screening party. Submit a
video work or documentation of your privacy themed art to our screening
taking place Friday *Oct. 4*.

*Submission Details*


*Please copy the template below into a blank email and answer in full. *

*Email your proposal to  prismbreakup@eyebeam.org with subject line
[workshop] [talk] [art] or  [video] to specify what you are applying to
propose. You may submit multiple proposals.*


Email address:

Phone number:

Personal URL:

What is it? (pick all that apply)

- Talk

- Workshop

- Artwork (if video for screening please specify)



URL of the work/documentation of the work (if applicable):

Details of implementation (for workshops):

Who is your intended audience? (for workshops):

Technology/Space/Assistance/Budget required:

What will your proposed contribution add to this event?

What do you hope to get out of this experience?

*Have a question about the application? Want to help fund this exciting
endeavor? Or would you like to volunteer food/drinks/money/time? If you
want to help out but don?t have a specific idea, email us and we can figure
it out together. Email us at prismbreakup@eyebeam.org with subject line
[volunteer] to get involved!

*Hat Tip
*The name "PRISM Break Up" is inspired by the website PRISM Break (
https://prism-break.org/) <https://prism-break.org/> by @zcpeng (
https://twitter.com/zcpeng) <https://twitter.com/zcpeng> that lists
alternatives to widely used PRISM-friendly software.

*Allison Burtch, Aurelia Moser, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Ramsey Nasser

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