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Re: <nettime> Adam Curtis: BUGGER

The more recent history of spies in the revolutionary ecology movements and antifascist, animal rights  groups in the UK is somewhat less of a farce - for those interested in contemporary history of spying a must read is UNDEERCOVER: THE TRUE STORY OF BRITAINS SECRET POLICE.. by paul lewis and rob evans who have worked with us activist who had the pleasure of being comrades with the spies, some for 7 years,  whose moto turned out to be - "remember they are your targets not your friends."


On 12 Aug 2013, at 10:27, Sean Cubitt wrote:

> The history of the British secret state's incompetence is a rich field.
> Ezra Pound and WB Yeats were arrested as foreign agents while out walking
> during the time they spent at Stone Cottage near the Sussex coast. The
> incident is memorable because of Yeats' involvement in the renewal of
> interest in the Romantic poet William Blake, who was arrested on spying
> charges while on a sketching trip on the Medway in Kent, and again in
> Sussex on a charge of sedition. When Pound was arrested again for his
> sympathies with Mussolini (though not for his virulent anti-semitism) he
> noted "that free speech without free radio speech is as nothing'. Lessons
> everywhere
> sean


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