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<nettime> Cryptome suffers brief take-down over Japanese 'terror' files

Cryptome suffers brief take-down over Japanese 'terror' files
Bitten by attack dog, just a flesh wound

By Richard Chirgwin, 26th August 2013

Longstanding whistleblower site is back online after a
brief takedown, sparked by its hosting of a list of alleged Japanese

The takedown by host Network Solutions came as a result of a complaint
signed Sima Jiro, who complained that the 114 documents in a file
identified as contained “lots of personal
information, such as named, DOBs, family structures, workplaces, phone
numbers. And also containing lots of documents which are probably
classified or confidential”.

The complainant also hoped not to be identified to Cryptome: “I
sincerely ask you to refrain from sending my request forward to your
customer or administrator of “Cryptome” or the uploader of the ZIP

Network Solutions initially complied with the request. However –
presumably following some discussion between John Young and Network
Solutions – it has now been restored.

Young is no stranger to takedowns. His site, an anonymous drop-box
for whistleblowers which documents both corporate and government
shenanigans, has been variously attacked with notices from Microsoft
(taken down and then restored), Yahoo! (taken down and restored), and
PayPal (banned then unbanned).

In 2010, Young famously described Wikileaks' Julian Assange as a
“narcissistic individual” who is willing to “sacrifice Bradley
Manning* and anyone else to advance their own interests” (*now Chelsea

The correspondence over the latest takedown is here. [1]


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