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Re: <nettime> Data archiving for artists?

Hi all,

I'm late to this party, but here are more resources for artists and anyone else keen on keeping culture alive for the long haul. All are premised on the conviction that storage is not preservation.

* Re-collection: Art, New Media, and Social Memory
First academic book on digital preservation, by Rick Rinehart and me, due out from MIT this summer.

* Digital Curation at the University of Maine
Online graduate program I helped start to teach creators and preservers to maintain media works for the long term. Enroll in an 18-credit certificate or take courses a la carte.

* Variable Media Network
Preservation tools and resources for artists, like the Variable Media Questionnaire  and the Seeing Double emulation testbed.

* Permanence Through Change
Free book of variable media preservation case studies in variable media preservation.

BTW our Digital Curation grad students are required to work with an artist to formulate preservation plans for one of her artworks. If you're interested, please email me before 15 March.



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