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Re: <nettime> Is bitcoin becoming "normal"?

Not sure I agree here. Salon is the Liberal-Democrat rag (a kind of online NYTimes) and their rejection of the anger online as a stance of anti-libertarianism throws out the other issue here; the man that journalist scooped is probably not the inventor of Bitcoin. Felix Salmon has a *much* better analysis here:

Satoshi Paradox -

The libertarians behind BTC and their fetishization of a world without regulators has well and truly f**cked them here, but the tools of information sharing and especially a critical analytic stances against papers like Newsweek (which clearly pushed this story as a way to get back into the digerati's mind) still remain vital.

The apparent demasking of the currency's mysterious creator is the last
nail in the coffin

by Andrew Leonard,, 07.03.2014

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