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Re: <nettime> Post-Postism,


Thank you for saying so elegantly what I have been thinking for the
past 30 years or more. I always felt that the promise of fundamental
change was illusory in the 60s and 70s. Things started really moving
in the 80s. OK it was neoliberalism, but for the first time I knew
that history was on the move. Of course it's impossible to understand
our contemporary dilemmas without going further back than that. Yet
the literati produced as their blinding insight into that transitional
decade the hangover of postmodernism, deconstruction, the commonplace
that the contrasts of the Cold War were leaking into each other (what
Hegel called negative dialectic). Postism is decadent or at best
retro. What is postcolonial theory if not nationalism with its eyes
glued to the rearview mirror?


On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 6:45 PM, temp <> wrote:

> >I think I'll just say that I have become post-postist.
> I hear about post-digital/New Media/Internet/Human/etc that I believe
> that this only succeeds at placing us in a corner of opposition or
> refusal and makes no suggestions. For all my distrust of it, at least
> New Aestheticism posited something. Surfing clubs did. Post-ing does
> not.
> Post-ism paints us in the corner of refusal without proposition and
> little else. It breaks the discourse into a molecular one without
> any potential coherence; it is Babel-ism at its height, and paints
> the writer into a corner. I think it is some to begin framing new
> discourses not as "new" propositions, but as new propositions, like
> perhaps the age of convergence or integrationist, or mixed-reality
> art or even going back to intermedia. I am still a pluralist; not
> into master narratives, but I want propositions for the present, not
> mere refusnikism. I want something that says something, not just that
> "We're over that", because I'm over being over things.
> Patrick.

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