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Re: <nettime> Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Rules for the digital world

On 11/03/14 13:27, Armin Medosch wrote:

> Hi MP,
> it is not so difficult. There's capital, and its not homogenous. There are
> capitals of a different era and of a different kind - such as industrial,
> agro-business, and financial capital. There are different modes of
> production and social relations that go with it. It is not about 'for' or
> 'against' or naive versions of 'good' and 'bad' but if we want to
> understand the world we live in - and to preempt any questions, I think to
> some degree this is possible - then we need to engage with such concepts
> that great social scientists have developed

I don't get it. Sounds strangely abstract/academic to me, or maybe I am
just stupid.

If a corporation is in a new kind of business, but owned by the same old
shareholder circles as those that came before, which category is it in,
then, new or old?

And what exactly does it matter? Does it, say, matter to a peasant
community whether their river is destroyed directly by Google's power
consumption or destroyed by the mining by an old corporation processing
minerals (that later end up in Google server farms)?

And then you throw "great social scientists" into the mix, too?!? Who
are they?

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