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<nettime> All the Net workers of the world, mesh network!


This wiki is a strike developing space. Inviting interested digital
and analog labour and union militia to use it for inventing,
initiating and networganising collective hactions to target Meta-Data
abuses of the Capital. Besides PRISM contractors, there is a need to
forge class struggle against digital capitalists of Amazon.com,
Huffington Post, and others who undermines human dignity and rights,
gained after hundereds of years fighting back!

*Operation PRISM Knock-out!
Objective: To stop PRISM contractors abusing people and data, and
promote an escape route to FLOSS alternatives
Targets: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo
Twitter: GNUnion - One Big Mesh Network
HashTag: #OPprismknockout
Planning: Irc

*Operation Mechanical Jurk
Objective: developing direct hacktion operation targeting Amazon.com's
Mechanical Turk mass-exploitative model
Target: Amazon.com
Twitter: @GNUnion
Hashtag: #OPmechanicalJurk
Planning: Irc

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