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Re: <nettime> irreversible digest [x3: newmedia, hankwitz, hopkins]

I find this crass anthropocentric approach to be unworthy of this

These chauvinists draw an arbitrary line in the past when the "air"
was "good" and "water" "unpolluted", and then scream about "pollution"
and exhaustion of the "natural" resources.

What a BS. I didn't notice any matter destroyed in the process.

Why not go few billion years ago and blame Cyanobacteria for the
mindless polluting of the planet's atmosphere with free O2 and
thus obliterating thousands of species of progressive peace-loving
anaerobic organisms? Talk about genocide.

And why Cyanobacteria did it? They liked binary fission and kept doing
it until it was too late.

We have evolved in this poisonous atmosphere, and it's only natural to
start another pollution cycle. It's not the end of the world.

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