Ãrsan Åenalp on Fri, 21 Mar 2014 14:10:22 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Erdogans' twitter ban

Tayyip Erdogan have chosen dictatorial line, under increasing attacks
coming from international (Islamic version of Moon) Gulen cult /
Movement, AKP (un)government finally decided to shut itself at the
head by shutting down Twitter, this morning after midnight, adding
Turkey in the short list of dictatorial capitalist regimes. Gulen
Movement has been instrumental for the Western imperialism, linked to
anti-communist underground networks organised by Gladio in 70s and the
80s. The cult got upgraded in the 90s in order to impose neoliberal
soft-Islamic regimes surrounding Russia, India and China belt, with
instalment of controlled regimes, most notable example has been
Malaysia. Gulen cult formed a coalition with reformist Milli Gorus
members, those who had ties to Muslim Brothers active in Arab
countries. In Turkey, this coalition supported by left-right liberals
during the first half of the 2000s in order brake down the ancient
regime or old-boys elite network controlled by another coalition or
historical block composed of military-bureaucratic elite and
capitalist hierarchy under the leadership of the Koc family. 2007-2008
crisis, made a demarcating effect on these kind of coalitions putting
global geopolitics in stress. In a many national context, located in
the new imperial frontiers like North Africa, inner Asia, Asia-Pacific
and Latin America sides involved in similar coalitions had to turn and
fight each other using the parts of state apparatus as it has happened
in Turkey; bringing state vs. state, deep state fighting against
parallel and surface-real (e)states.

The scene has globally and increasingly represented a Cold war 2.0
mess, thought with one crucial difference. Capitalistic tools like
Facebook and Twitter, although themselves are taking part in this new
cold war, they have provided a much wider public and open space in
which the dark side and the dirty clothes of all kinds of elite
fractions composing the ruling classes, 1%, including Facebook,
Twitter and Google owners themselves. Social opposition of any type
were provided with tools globally to train themselves in online
organising, developing creative distributed revolts that send feed
backs contributing in learning process towards building of a global
manoeuvre war against the rulers of the global capitalism.

So this last open counter offence coming from Erdogan, is not
challenging its local rivals for political power, it is clearly a
transnational class act being part of a global chess game played
harsher on the imperial frontiers. It might either add to the tensions
increasing between Russia and China and the West pushing towards
corrective inter elite war, or spark the public launch of the
worldwide class war between the rulers and the ruled. Comparing the
compact fuse state of the %1 -capitalists and rulers ready to eat each
other, and diffused and distributed state of %99 -the ruled and
oppressed multitude sectors all seek channels and protocols to build a
genuine and worldwide solidarity, it gets difficult to hope for the

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