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Re: <nettime> an historic retreat

This seems like beneficial evolution from central authority to multiple authorities, and in the future probably to the truly decentralized personal level, as technology advancements begin to support smaller entities controlling their own namespaces and the routing.

The Internet was never like broadcast ether, it was just presented that way. Imagine if the air was subject to the mechanics of the Internet: you talk to several people in the room, but some can't hear you, because the air operator didn't feel like it. You act surprised, indignated, and then you complain to the government. All because of your own ignorance about how the air works, and your own gullibility to buy into the air marketing.

Internet is not like air, and will never be. Decentralization is a good thing, and the sooner the public perception of the Internet gets closer to reality, the better.

Of course, the newly empowered fiefdoms will never agree to further delegate the authority to their subjects, but it will happen to them as it happened to ICANN. Expect to see the exodus of Internet luminaries parasiting on the current centralized system into new subdomains. That's where the money is.

take place in a manner which would "Support and enhance the multistakeholder model". This should be seen in the context of the USG's statement to the

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