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<nettime> WO#D: WorldOpenHashDesign

WorldOpenHashDesign: WO#D


. Our biosphere is an open thermodynamic system and any energy 
transformation is a non-reversible process that affects the whole system.

. Rational man is part of the complex, interrelated, dynamic eco-system, 
hence any force he will impose on the system will eventually be reacted on 

. Human society has to stop growing indiscriminately and consciously 
integrate with the Earth???s life-system and reach a new open equilibrium.

Human people have to transcend the old-world regional ethnic and cultural 
inertia that interfere with the now critical, global decision-making 
processes?????????and raise together as one to safeguard the future of life 
on the common planet.

We could call it a Neo-Ethic Revolution, because we need to evolve a new 
Cultural Ethic Paradigm designed on whole planetary participation instead of 
domination, and we need it to be Open-source both on the global and local 

Those of us who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to 
take action.

Everybody should contribute if only spreading the message. Let???s use our 
courage and our technology and make our common dream come true:

A global, decentralized, integrated, sustainable Open Society of freely 
self-organizing people.

It???s humanity???s only hope, and that???s why it???s going to happen.


WO#D?????????WorldOpenHashDesign is a World Wide Hashtag Campaign for the 
crowdsourcing of a WorldOpen #MeshNetwork via Hashtag-Design partecipation 
process starting on existing Social Media to unify the efforts of the Human 
People and Organizations dedicated to the WO #Transition.

To focus and direct a global collective #Transition Agenda.
To share human connections, knowledge and resources freely and safely and 
start a New Life supported by the WorldOpen #Transition Community.
To unite us, to empower us.


"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is
our inability to understand the exponential function."

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