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<nettime> PDC Workshop Announcement: Where's Love in E-Waste?

Hi everyone-

I am co-organizing a workshop with Daria Loi (Intel) for the Participatory
Design Conference in Windhoek, Namibia. The workshop focuses on developing
and leveraging participatory strategies for reconceptualizing e-waste.
Please email me ( or Daria (
if you are interested in joining in. Details are below.

-Thomas James Lodato
Ph.D. candidate | Digital Media | LMC | Georgia Institute of Technology


Where???s Love in E-Waste?

This workshop focuses on how the notion of love can help explore and define
participatory strategies targeted at dealing with issues surrounding
e-waste. In particular, we are interested in discovering how Participatory
Design practice can offer ways of transforming people???s relationships with
e-waste from negative affective relationships into positive ones through
engagement, co- creation, and group envisioning. The workshop focuses
particularly on existent e-waste, accepting it as an (unfortunate) outcome
of current production strategies in need of change.

If you are interested, find out how to participate ( Submissions are due by July 22 2014.
To find out more about the conference, please visit the official PDC 2014
website (

The overall goal of the workshop is to document multiple perspectives,
methods, and examples of value-centered and participatory approaches that
focus on looking at and utilizing e-waste as key ingredient to create
positive transformation and/or outcomes. Some possible questions to
consider in the context of this workshop include:

-Can participatory practice transform e-waste into a conduit for community

-Can reflection on the materiality and aesthetics of e- waste trigger
practices to ultimately benefit those directly impacted by e-waste?

-Can e-waste become something positive if looked at differently thanks to a
participatory lens?

-Can notions of love and participation help us engage e-waste differently,
making beauty out of it despite its negative impact on landscapes and

-What is the role of PD practitioners when e-waste is a direct by-product
of design engagements?

Participation will include for select submissions a stipend (amount TBD)
for travel and other conference expenses.

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