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Re: <nettime> Nick Montfort: The Facepalm at the End of the Mind

>From 9/11 to Western occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, from tsunamis to earth quakes, from Guantanamo to Wikileaks, from pirate bay to Arab Spring, from 15m to Libya and Syria, from Occupy to Egyptian coup, from Gezi to Snowden, it has been a traumatic decade.. It Felt like  entire planet has been on a roller-coster.. You can guess that it probably felt similar or even worse, to those who could follow the events from newspapers and radios prior or during the world wars, Russian and other communist or national revolutions.. Yet in terms of the quantity, real time involvement, and intensity, the last decade has been the first truly global revolutionary  passage for much more people around the world. 
We got beaten but also beat back big time. Both hope and apathy arisen and went away, with ups and downs... 
But this year is, exactly 100 years after the first global war, things got pretty bed between the ruling classes. The more fierce it got the meaner they became.. they smashed more of us and in wider geographies. 
This last study and its silence reception can be about this political climate change. where the tectonic shifts have thrown apart alliances like houses from playing cards; in front of the eyes of the humanity all stones on the global chessboard but especially in the Middle East, all pions changed their places, it turned more to origami.
Now ISIS' jihadist barbarism works openly on the same side with Zionist state barbarism, openly backed by part the CIA and neocon Evangelists.. Something critical of Al-Qaida being soft builds a new maniacal Islamic leviathan over the promised lands.. 
And mean while this is happening, and plus, while the fascistic state apparatus cleaning up their cities from the suburban poor population by use of bloody massacres, 7 goals that penetrate Brazilian National football-team' goal, makes hundreds of Brazilians hysterically cry on the mega screens..

Watching the planet from a bit distance, scanning the big-data set collected about the Earth, and the young human civilization fuc.ing it up, an ordinary alien could easily see what is coming and is unavoidable. 

The silent reception of what is coming, is imo. very much linked to the silent reception of this study -of, for, or by the Facebook. The increasingly heavy handed offensive of the ruling classes towards the poor almost every where, the relative success in front of the impressive and peacefully driven popular and networked uprisings (inevitably become vulnerable, infiltrated and indirectly became part of the fight in the intra ruling class struggle), the return of the Nazi, so on so forth!: All these probably are playing a role in the current moment of confusion and paralyzation, paving the way to the dominance of pessimism. 
However, there is the hope I think which is still strong and lies in the fact that we already reached to a critical mass -hopefully today and globally- the amount of intelligent, educated, creative people who already see and know that amongst the mists of all the oppressions, wars, confusions and chaos, very bad things coming upon them, 'the darkness is spreading from Mordor to the Middle Earth!' so to speak. The existential situation these people are living through is not so different then an industrial worker. Yet they can read, write, publish, design, develop strategic vision, gain rhetorical and argumentation skills, and enter into discussions, they can organize their times, create processes, make plans and realize plans bringing about concrete societal changes. 
If only the portion out of these people, imo., who sees the inevitability and proximity of a massively destructive / corrective war coming up, which will be triggered by local or int. elite in fight, being caused by profit share or resources, and that will spread into a global war as a wild fire... If only the amount of people who sees this is beyond the critical mass. 
And if it is so, and if they also could see that the alternative option is therefore is inevitable too, and it is creative and egalitarian, transnational and synchronized revolution.. and It is up to them to make this happen by one way or another being part of the organized and networked movements and by linking them to each other. If it is so, then it means there is a good hope, and we might expect something else like 15m, occupy, gezi, change brazil, Bosnian spring, before the year ends. May be this time with even broader geographic scope.. 
It had better to be. 

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