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Re: <nettime> Copyright Is Over â If You Want I

the wall text in the entrance of a very recent marclay "the clock"
exhibition warned me that taking photos or shooting video is not
allowed. i was even warned for the second time by the security at the
entrance of the exhibition space again!

this is enough to tell me about the politics of the author of the work
in terms of what freedoms he is willing to grant me on his work: a work
counting on fair use discourages me even to make a fair use of it!

by the way, is it available at ubuweb? why not? maybe in the future, as
a work of "historical" importance? but why not now? we all know the
reasons, i guess.

when i experienced the work recently for the first time after having
read and heard about it for 4 years, but without noticing the no photos
etc text at the entrance, i was very excited. the work made me think of
many aspects and encouraged me to build on it, forking the discussions
it already recalls to other discussions. there were no free cultural
statements about the work, but i wanted to believe in that marclay
wanted to encourage the audience at least to make a fair use of his
work, as he did of other works to make his work. i was very excited and
thinking of and questioning many issues around the work until the second
time i went to visit the exhibition and realised the no photos text and
security's warning. and it was all over for me.

the work has stolen my two days! because it gave me no freedom on what
it made me experience! positioned me as just an audience, a fan!

it is good that marclay's work and text around it below that i find very
problematic was mentioned here in nettime. because my experience about
this work and the free culture simulacr i explained above was the reason
that pushed me to post the "a free letter to cultural institutions" mail
to this list last month. this was my latest experience on the
exploitation of fee culture by some artists and the cultural institutions.

what kenneth goldsmith writes is a very problematic approach in terms of
what i understand from free culture. just "free of charge" accessibility
to the "preview/promotion" versions of "only some" works with "some
kinds of workarounds" has nothing to do with free culture. it is all
about the freedom of the people on the works and for me the most
importantly, the freedom to build on them and most most importantly in a
way granted in a clear way (no matter with a license or with a clear
statement) by the author him/herself. everyone is an artist, no need to
be narcist.

there are many other problematic points on kenneth goldsmiths' text
below in terms of what i understand from "free" and free culture and
politics of copyleft. here, i will not mention those problematic points,
some of which already mentioned in the free letter to cultural
institutions thread.

after all, does this text contribute to creating an awareness on the IP
issues, or does it contribute to the continuation of the (neo)liberal
copyright regime?

things can only change when the book authors enjoying a....arg.org for
just "accessing unsearchable" books of other authors do more than
uploading the "pirate" copies of their own books there. things can only
change when they are brave enough to stop playing with the rules of the
culture industry promising them recognition, fame and fans.

i must also declare my respect to the work of goldsmith on ubuweb as an
"audience" enjoying bootlegs since my childhood as a workaround of
culture industry. it is very important. however i am more for
archive.org's position today. also i am a more "fan" of nina paley than
most of the authors' mentioned in goldsmith's text for making 200GB
master video and source files "free" on archive.org with free cultural
licenses and statements.

On 07/19/2014 01:25 PM, nettime's avid reader wrote:
> By Kenneth Goldsmith, New York | July 15, 2014
> http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/legal-and-management/6157548/copyright-is-over-if-you-want-it-guest-post

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