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Interference, n:

preventing (a process or activity) from continuing or being carried
out properly.
the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a
resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or

Interference is a gathering of people, perspectives, theories, and
actions that share a critical approach to society and technology. It
will take place at the Binnenpret in Amsterdam, NL from 15th to the
17th of August 2014. It will be a space where we can meet, debate,
share, learn, and find our affinities and oppositions. The event comes
as a response to the lack of a common ground for confrontation and
discussion over themes like hacking, technology, art and politics that
could break out of the existing containers and roles for such concepts
and practices.

Interference is not a hacker conference. From a threat to the
so-called national security, hacking has become an instrument for
reinforcing the status quo. Fed up with yet another recuperation, the
aim is to re/contextualize hacking as a conflictual praxis and release
it from its technofetishist boundaries. Bypassing the cultural
filters, Interference wants to take the technical expertise of the
hacking scene out of its isolation to place it within the broader
perspective of the societal structures it shapes and is part of.

Interference tries not to define itself. Interference challenges
hacker's identity, the internal dynamics of hackerculture and its
ethical values. It undermines given identities and rejects given
definitions. Interference is a hacking event from an anarchist
perspective: it doesn't seek for uniformity on the level of skills or
interests, but rather focuses on a shared basis of intuitive
resistance and critical attitude towards the techno-social apparatus.

Interference is three days of exploring modes of combining theory and
practice, breaking and (re)inventing systems and networks, and playing
with the art and politics of everyday life. Topics may or may not
include philosophy of technology, spectacle, communication guerrilla,
temporary autonomous zones, cybernetics, bureaucratic exploits, the
illusions of liberating technologies, speculative software, the
creative capitalism joke, the maker society and its enemies, hidden- &
self- censorship, and the refusal of the binarity of gender, life, and

Interference welcomes discordians, intervention artists, artificial
lifeforms, digital alchemists, oppressed droids, luddite hackers and
critical engineers to diverge from the existent, dance with
fire-spitting robots, hack the urban environment, break locks, perform
ternary voodoo, decentralise and disconnect networks, explore the
potential of noise, build botnets, and party all night.

The event is intended to be as self-organised as possible which means
you are invited to contribute on your own initiative with your skills
and interests. Bring your talk, workshop, debate, performance,
opinion, installation, project, critique, the things you're interested
in, the things you want to discuss. Especially those not listed above.

Please let us know how you would like to interefere by sending a
(brief) abstract of your proposal before June 15 to interference [at]
puscii.nl. (Our PGP key)

Interference's blog - https://interference.io/blogs/interference
Preliminary program

Interference is happy to announce that the preliminary program is
online and can be found here. This is program release v0.1alpha,
expect several updates in the upcoming weeks.

Apart from the sessions mentioned in the program - and for everyone
who missed the deadline, but still wants to contribute something -
there are also the self-organised sessions.

You are cordially invited to come interfere with us. If you plan to do
so, please register and don't forget to donate.. thanks!

Read MoreAbout Preliminary Program

The anti-program

We know, we promised to present an exciting and eclectic program by
the end of the month. We lied. The proposals we received are both
exciting and eclectic, but the program is still a work in progress, so
you will have to bear with us. In the meantime we don't want to
withhold from you a handful of sessions we can confirm at this moment:

Tincuta Heinzel and Lasse Scherffig will set up their radio-based
sound installation "Signal to Noise", dealing with the concreteness of
ideological discourses and imaginary of the "Other". A volatile
acoustic space is created in which two concurring voices and
ideologies compete by broadcasting on the same frequency.

Johan SÃderberg will present us with a reflection on the limitations
of instituted, sovereign power by means of a comparison between
hackers and psychonauts. Both assert their autonomy vis-Ã-vis the
State through the no-mans-land of the ever-evasive near future. Yet
this legal greyzone is concurrently being turned into an incubator for
corporate innovation.

Strike Now Collective will show and discuss their tool Universal
Automation, an hacktivist intervention against the destruction of the
social safety net in the UK referred to as the austerity programme,
and the use of digital technologies by the government to enact it. The
project challenges the prevailing work ethics and discusses how
digital automation is used to immiserate people.

Visy and Viznut from the demogroup Pers' Wastaiset Produktiot will
screen some of their work and share their insights - gained through
coding on archaic systems - in the chaotic, uncontrollable, and
profoundly non-modular areas of the possibility space within

The people from Critisticuffs will host a workshop in which the notion
of free software as a critique of capitalism is challenged. The
argument that information wants to be free as these "goods" can be
copied almost infinitely often begs the question: what is it about
material wealth that makes it right, without alternative even, to
treat it as private property?

Apart from those, you can expect a wide range of talks, workshops,
performances and discussions. It would be impossible to summarize them
adequately, but topics will include human-machine interfacing, liquid
surveillance, cryptocoins, and many others.

If that has triggered your curiosity and you are planning to attend,
please register and keep an eye on this site for further updates.

Read MoreAbout The Anti-Program

On the relativity of time and deadlines

It's June 16th, so the deadline for the call for papers is officially
over. We would like to thank everyone who sent in their proposal and
we are looking forward to present an exciting and eclectic program by
the end of the month.

For those who are late, but still wish to interfere with the event, we
have good news. Apart from welcoming spontaneous action during the
event itself and providing plentiful space for self-organised sessions
- updates on that will follow soon - we will anachronistically be
accepting proposals until the program is ready. This leaves us with
the following propositions:

d: The deadline has passed
p: Proposals are accepted
y: You should mail your proposal to interference [at] puscii.nl

Given Âp â d, p we may conclude Âd
Given Âd, d we may conclude y

Hence, you should mail your proposal to interference [at] puscii.nl. QED.

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