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<nettime> World at War? Counter-revolution and Unbalanced Multipolarism

Hello Brian,

> What is our answer to multipolar chaos? What is our life project?
> restlessly yours, Brian

Rhetorical question alert!

Is it far too simplistic to argue, that the 'life project' you ask for
remains what it has always been, from the Peasants Revolt till now;
something called Socialism - common resources for the common good, a
struggle for a world no longer run BY the rich and powerful FOR the
rich and powerful ?

Are not all struggles (including those on the on-line digital world
- the specialism of this list) based on addressing the foundational
realities and injustices of our political economy? Even the way the
race question is framed in the US can sometimes serve to cloak rather
than illuminate this hole in the heart of the 'American Dream'.

Despite the bleak global picture presented by Alex (and its hard to   
dispute its veracity) I would also argue that there is some glimmer   
of hope in the way that the recent cycle of uprisings alongside the   
economic crisis has helped to shift the general political weather,    
propelling inequality and social injustice back on to the mainstream  
agenda of political discourse in ways I haven't seen for years.       

he fact that "looming apocalypse" is a longstanding signature tune of
the utopian left does not mean that it is not necessary to sound the
alarm again and again. But it may also also be quite a dangerous drug
with paralysing consequences.


d a v i d  g a r c i a

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