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Re: <nettime> Submission reminder - CfP: Philosophers of the World

sorry, but I wonder if we can then revert to circulation and containment? There are 4 uses of production in the paragraph, 5 if we count the first sentence of the next paragraph.

On 24/07/2013 7:55 pm, Christian Fuchs wrote:

CfP: Philosophers of the World Unite! Theorizing Digital Labour and=20
Virtual Work: Definitions, Forms and Transformations
Special issue of tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique


Supported by COST Action IS1202 =E2=80=9CDynamics of Virtual Work=E2=80=9D=
-Working Group=20
3 =E2=80=9CInnovation and the Emergence of New Forms of Value Creation an=
d New=20
Economic Activities=E2=80=9C (,=20,
tripleC ( Communication, Capitalism & Critique.=20
Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society.

Editors: Marisol Sandoval, Christian Fuchs, Jernej A. Prodnik, Sebastian =

Sevignani, Thomas Allmer

In 1845, Karl Marx (1845, 571) formulated in the 11th Feuerbach Thesis:=20
=E2=80=9CThe philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways=
; the=20
point is to change it=E2=80=9D. Today, interpretation of the world has be=
come an=20
important form of labour that is expressed on and with the help of=20
digital media. It has therefore become common to talk about digital=20
labour and virtual work. Yet the changes that digital, social and mobile =

media bring about in the world of labour and work have thus far only=20
been little theorized and theoretically interpreted. In order to change=20
the information society to the better, we first have to interpret=20
digital labour with the help of critical theories. Theorists of the=20
world from different fields, backgrounds, interdisciplines,=20
transdisciplines and disciplines have to unite for this collective=20
philosophical task.

The overall task of this special issue of tripleC: Communication,=20
Capitalism & Critique is to gather contributions that help to an=20
understanding of how to critically theorize digital labour, virtual work =
and related concepts. Theorizing digital labour requires us to provide=20
grounded 1) definitions of digital labour and virtual work, 2)=20
systematic distinctions and typologies of forms of digital labour and 3) =
theorizing the transformations that digital labour is undergoing.

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