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<nettime> two, *two*, TWO papers for the price of one!

                       Two Papers Submitted Together,
                         One without Publication Fee
                   Open Science, Open Books, Open Journals

           Peer Review Fast Publishing Open Access High Visibility

                           To Whom It May Concern:

    A special offer is made for the contributors submitting scholarly and
       artistic papers to Open Science, that is, two papers submitted
   together, one for free. The benefit can be enjoyed in the following two

   1 Two papers of your own.

   2 One paper of your own and one of your acquaintance.

   No matter which situation you're in, one paper can be published for free.

   The deadline for submission is
   October 31, 2014.

   Besides, you may be also interested in another event: if you invite
   three Editorial Board Members or Reviewers for Open Science Journals
   successfully, you can publish one paper for free once the information
   you provide to us is proved to be faithful. For details, click here.

   Open Science warmly welcomes both scholars and practitioners, looking
   forward to your participation.

   Here are some feature journals you can browse:


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