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<nettime> Fwd: The First FairCoop Bulletin | FairCoop

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   From: Orsan <[1]orsan1234@gmail.com>
   Date: 2 Jan 2015 19:42:52 GMT+1
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   Subject: The First FairCoop Bulletin | FairCoop


'The First FairCoop Bulletin

   Hello friends! This is the first FairCoop Bulletin; we plan on sending
   these out on a semi-regular, (non-spammy) basis to let you know what's
   going on in the global Fair.coop movement. The wealth of any movement
   is its members so please if you have any doubts, questions, suggestions
   or downright inspirations, please don't hesitate to get in touch and
   get involved.

   1. Participate in defining how FairCoop is going to make decisions!

   Ok first of all, as you probably know, the decision-making structure of
   Fair.coop is based around councils, like the branches of a tree, and
   the `trunk' of this tree is the provisional Ecosystemic Council, which
   is now beginning to do its work, and as one of its main tasks has
   developed a draft of the methodological process for making decisions at
   FairCoop ecosystem level.

   Right now the draft [5]has been published here.

   Please have a read - there are two weeks for the document to be
   discussed and improved in our own social network, the Fairnetwork.

   These are the complete deadlines that are scheduled:
     * Draft: 06-18 November
     * internal discussion on the council: 19-26 November
     * open discussion on the network: 27 -17 December
     * draft update with network: 18-21 December
     * Voting: (to confirm between finals of December and beginnings of

   2. Internal economics updates

   FairCoop has received a donation of 12600 euros from [6]lush.com, an
   international Fair Trade company dedicated to fresh hand made
   cosmetics, that is involved in helping activists and good causes, like
   permaculture and animal rights around the world. Our ongoing
   conversation with Lush continues to make broader collaborations in the
   near future possible.

   At the same time that we are able to share this information we have
   published the incomes and spends of the first three months of FairCoop
   activity. You can get the info and make comments in this
   link: [7]https://fair.to/SLgom

   3. A new network front page has been released. From here it will be
   easy for you to browse the different resources of the FairNetwork.

   4. A new local nodes guide has been published, if you are interested in
   setting up a local node, check out this document!
   - [9]https://fair.coop/docs/how-to-create-local-nodes

   5. The translation to diverse languages continues!
   German and Romanian, are already translated and we are working for add
   they in the site. More help is needed for those languages that are in
   the works, like, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch...

   Check how to contribute to translations here:

   Also we want to remind you that if you don't feel totally
   confident writing in English you can write in your own language. To
   make it easy for everyone to follow the discussions, we would like to
   suggest using these two forums for multilingual writings:

   - For asking questions:

   - For sharing ideas, proposals, thoughts, etc...: FairCoop Community ->

   6. Call for the Global South Council. The process for receiving the
   biographies of the candidates who want to become members of the first
   (provisional) Global South Council is open. If you are interested in
   becoming part of the council, please send your bio to any of the
   Ecosystemic Council members
   ([13]https://fair.coop/ecosystemic-council/). If you aren't yet in
   contact with any of us, please contact us at coop at fair.coop"


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