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<nettime> Free Libre Open Access working class self-learning


   First semester courses are set for the launch on May First 2015! Join
   the team, self-organise activity, offer courses, support our projects,
   spread the word!

   Global Networked Labour University is a Free Libre and Open Source
   Remote Education System, designed for empowerment of workers,
   independent labour unionists, community members and organisers via
   study-circles, self-training, exchange and strategy sessions. Besides,
   we have been preparing high qulaity licence, masters, and doctorate
   level free access programs which will be delivered by dedicated and
   experienced trainers, using Floss platforms like Big Blue Button,
   Meet.Jitsi, Talky as well as others. The system will include
   self-organised face to face sessions by and for workers, hackers,
   designers, artists, peers producers, and commoners. Join our team,
   organise p2p and worker to worker trainings, conferences, debates,
   exchange and strategy meetings, to share your knowledge with workers
   and others. If you are union or community organiser, trainer, or having
   teaching and pedagogical experience combined with practical or
   theoretlcal expertise knowledge on any topic, from physics to coding
   and design, that you can deliver give it a remote-course format and
   deliver it online please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

   If you wish to support GNUnion and our free, libre and open access
   projects developed by and for precarious or unemployed working people,
   please do so by using the information
   here: [2]https://gnunion.wordpress.com/p2psolidarityfunding/

   Below programs are currently in progress, being designed and adopted,
   and they are scheduled to be kicked off as May First 2015.


   Social media, online networking for organisers, shop stewards and union
     * Introduction
     * Stronger ties with online networking
     * Tools for cybermeetings and webinars
     * Bottom up publishing & sharing
     * Translation and interpretation
     * Participation/Openness/Security
     * An Example

   [3]Download de PDF versie in het Nederlands
   [4]Türkçe çervirisini PDF olarak indiriniz
   [5]Download the PDF version in Spanish
   [6]Download the PDF version in English
   Wiki: [7]Online collaborative version of the self-training material
   Presentation I: [8]A Social Media Approach for International Solidarity
   Presentation II: [9]Social media and online networking guide for shop
   steewards and union activists

   Schedule: in progress, plan is to start online courses on May 1st, 2015

   Module II (Project in progress):

   Floss Cirriculum on P2P, Commons and Global Political Economy Program -
   Licence and Master's Level degree course material for workers

   Call for Contributors:

   We are inviting peer producers and commoners alike to join us to peer
   produce a commons knowledge resource that will include text books,
   articles, audio, video and other sorts of digital material that will
   help us to address and broaden the needed dialogue between critical
   social theories on p2p, commons and global political economy on the
   other, and the political and cultural praxis towards emancipatory
   commons transitions that will allow humanity to go beyond the vision
   promised by capitalisms, while avoiding the worse like fascisms and
   wars to dominate the planet and destroy more lives. Believeing that it
   became by now cyristal clear that the humanity is passing through yet
   another world historical passage of which one side is dark and fearful:
   Deepening systemic crises, serious threats of regional and global wars,
   normalisation of extreme right and religious fundamentalisms, as well
   as natural and human disasters, all caused by the current mode of
   production. Yet the other side is bright and hopeful: Where the
   emergence of the new become clear in the realities and practices of the
   p2p and the commons, which by now proven themselves as not only
   concepts but also practices that they are bearing `the seeds of the
   new' potential forms to constitute, what Marx referred as the
   `associated mode of production' -more then one and a half century ago;
   while they also promise possibility for creation of what Kropotkin and
   Buchkin thought as `communal mutual aid society' -in the previous
   century, yet to be created and consolidated collectively by painful
   efforts and struggle. Therefore encouraging all those who are
   interested and can contribute in this special collaborative project
   through which we want to develop structured and systematic pool of
   pedagogical material as base for free access self- and floss- high
   level remote emancipatory education activities orgniased by anyone who
   wishes. In order to make an entry please register to the
   P2P-Foundation's wiki page and make sure that your entries comes under
   the relevant section, and you applied a similar format used for the
   materials placed on the wiki before you. Let' s join efforts and enrich
   this pool of emancipatory knowledge and analyses, that can be useful
   for understanding and the changing the word through commons assertive
   and constructive actions for fair, just, peaceful and beautiful world
   where life, equality, freedom, and joy can flourish and thrive for a
   commons humanity.

   wiki: [10]http://p2pfoundation.net/Bibliography_for_the_Global_Politica

   Contact us: For any questions and support you can send an email at:
   networkedlabour [at] networg [dot] nl

   Time table:

   January 2015, setting initial format and making initial entries,
   informal call for contributors and suppporters for seed funding.

   February 2015,  completin first set of material entries for all
   sections and subsections.

   March-May 2015, Completing the webspace with working and tested
   BigBlueButton, Jitsi, and Talky spaces for the first round of lectures
   and events.


   2. https://gnunion.wordpress.com/p2psolidarityfunding/
   3. http://www.tie-netherlands.nl/sites/default/files/Eindversie_Brochure_Social-Media_TIE_NL-1.pdf
   4. http://www.scribd.com/doc/186317646/YEN%C4%B0-SOSYAL-MEDYA-Tabandan-ve-guclu-bir-uluslararas%C4%B1-sendikal-hareket-in%C5%9Fa-etmek
   5. http://networg.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/broch-spaans-opmaak.pdf
   6. http://www.scribd.com/doc/186317384/New-Social-Media-Transnational-Information-Exchange-at-the-Shop-floor-Level
   7. http://tie.wikia.com/wiki/Transnational_Information_Exchange_Wiki
   8. http://prezi.com/rsyk-eqenf0a/a-social-media-approach-for-international-solidarity/
   9. http://prezi.com/4tnvm8jkkdmq/social-media-and-online-networking-for-shop-stewards-and-union-activists/
  10. http://p2pfoundation.net/Bibliography_for_the_Global_Political_Economy

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