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Re: <nettime> The Greek elections?

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I'm thrilled, like many, by the outcome of the Greek elections and
the fact that Yannis Varoufakis is being named as finance minister
is truly amazing. I cannot remember when someone I admired as an
intellectual took office at such a high level and at such a critical


Historically, intellectuals did not do very well as politicians, but
this is not a given. The situation is complex and it helps to be

I think it's facile, intellectually lazy and self-defeating to say
that elections cannot change things. In many ways, this election
is most likely to change things deeply, but it's unsure in which

For anyone who has paid even the slightest attention to social life in
Greece over since 2008, it is clear that it cannot go on like this.
Take any indicator -- GDP, unemployment, suicide rates, malnourishment
of children, access to essential services and so -- they are all
disastrous. Europe as a political project has been destroying itself
at its very place of birth.

At some point, things have to break, and it seems like they are
breaking now. The question is, will the rest Europe take the chance
to make this a break with austerity, rising inequality and the
dismemberment of democracy and abandonment of the ideals of the
European project -- no matter how problematic they were in practice.
Or will it waste this chance. The next political swing will not return
things to "normal", but it will be an ugly one, sweeping the far right
into power. They are waiting in the wings, not just in Greece, but in
Italy, France, Sweden, Finland and elsewhere, ready to unleash Europe
darkest instincts. And we know from experience how dark these are.

This is, it seems, a historic fork in the road and it could be the
last one for a very long time.


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