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Re: <nettime> your friends are my friends: they are nos amis

Is it only me, or the fact that such revolutionary word is being decoded
and passed to the burning anglophone west by the MIT Press might be
signaling that in terms of the strategic height where we, or the
invisible committee, stands, can be disadvantaged in front of the eye of
Mordor, or the commanding height the algorithmic calculation of the
rulers of the cybernetics global governance occupies in this war.. 

the increasing turbulence, from Luisiana to Greece, from Tunis to Egypt,
from Libya to Syria, Gezi, Ukraine, Hong Kong, to Baltimore, resembles
very much Naomi Klein's narrative in the Shock Doctrine. The brief
history of neoliberalism's genesis in individual countries form Chile to
others was reset by disaster capitalism by connecting the dots between
the Chicago boys, operations research, shock and awe torture recipes,
military coup, deregulations, privatizing.. Since 2001 shit went all
over and shock and awe happens at the planetary level now. Naomi
delivers a good illustration on what roles assigned to, through
infiltration by CIA, to local radical left, anarchist, and right groups
in order to steer the whole neoliberal opening up and locking-in
operations; by preparing the ground for military coups, based on that
one might get strategical ideas for intervening in today's global chess
board from oppressed point of view... 

In that sense  Shock Doctrine unfortunately fails to connect most
important dots which are
Hayek-Wiener-Neumann-Friedman-Cybernetics-Complexit-Internet, as the
engine of the second great transformation.. Based on a second
Rennesiance and modernity.. These dots are traced in the available
english chapters of 'to our friends', and surely Nettimers have been
more than aware of such historical connections.. Yet in terms of what
does all these means of the strategical positioning of we, all sorts of
left, progressive, good will forces occupying on the class war game
field, who has the strategical superiority from Introduction to the war
strategy (101) point of view; thinking of the meta-data, algorithms,
computation capacity and speed, comprehensiveness of network and
personality maps... One must admit that it goes beyond absurdity if MIT
would publishes a pamphlet that would even suggest anything potentially
fearful to the CEO of MIT, or their partners in the IoT consortium,
calling for revolution. It makes it extremely obvious though (as in the
act of the Dutch royalty has this year removed the Kings  three days
earlier given a passage so that May Day could returns, although to
protest for more purchasing power) that fronts of the inter-ruling class
war-game came to a point where sides increasingly seek broader left wing

May be this is me, since I don't feel that I know enough about the enemy
yet, can't get provoked enough. On the other hand, while everything is
visible, I neither see a broader circulation of public documents,
pamphlets that reflect a strategy based on clear information about the
rulers capabilities, which is surely possessed by MIT press crew..  This
is why I feel more provoked by 'MIT', and it publishing such stuff than
a great text written by undoubtedly brilliant and talented warrior


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