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<nettime> Orsanogram x3: co-operations research unit, Neo-Con-tribute, Networked Labour U info-bulletin

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Orsan <>

     A co-operations research unit on networked labour university, in progress
     Neo-Con-tribute to passing away Turkish Pinochet Evren
     Networked Labour University ??? Information Bulletin No. 2

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Date: Fri, 1 May 2015 16:22:28 +0200
Subject: A co-operations research unit on networked labour university, in progress
From: ??rsan ??enalp <>

Dear Net-timers,

This is about an open co-operations research unit kicked-off on
Networked Labour University (
where peers can co-operate by setting-up online regular meetings,
drawing maps, sharing files and
other materials, and organise public webinars, etc. to coordinate
communication and organise regular work-action groups. Anyone can join
in and build such group within a broader space for peer knowledge and
culture production. The group that is up now to build a Co-Operations
Research Agenda and Curriculum that would feed in other courses and
activities that are provided over NLU and other similar free education
platforms. The work group is initially titled as:

'P2P and Commons Critique of Great Transformation: From Industrial
Disciplinary Global Capitalism to Trans-Human Zombie Informationalism'

There is a wiki dedicated to build on:

The wiki will be regularly harmonised with a page previously
configured on the P2P-Foundation's website:

Any comment, critics, suggestion, and modification is more then
welcome and do feel free to share the word.


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Subject: Neo-Con-tribute to passing away Turkish Pinochet Evren
From: Orsan <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 01:22:22 +0200

Turkey's Pinochet Kenan Evren dies, and Erdogan state organizes a state cere=
mony for murderer and torturous military dicta who kicked of full fledged 24=
 January neoliberalisation package, in 3 months after seizing power. Economy=
 minister of the coup, WB trained Turgut Ozal wide opened the Turkish market=
 to the world market, between 83-89.. Evren died in piece, not any questioni=
ng, hearing, whatsoever will be remembered with mass murders, and mass tortu=
res especially in prisons such as Diyarbakir and Mamak. The coup banned unio=
ns and parties, but allowed business associations especially foreign ones...=
 although Kurdish and Turkish left totally smashed.. both left wing and righ=
t wing radicals tortured together in same prisons.. Evren and 'its' paper wo=
rk called constitution established the SOF, US import special operations uni=
t, (of which British version tied to mi9's Dudley Clarke, the 'a' force, has=
 been active since 1920's) by so doing was embedded in the middle of deep st=
ate -network of secret service, military, foreign ministry, internal affairs=
, counter terror units in police force, so on- all is openly traced back to t=
he advancing of special Operations Research Units, shock doctrine, automata,=
 cybernetics, systems thinking, fast calculations of high level differential=
 equations allowing to formulate real-life complexity into algorithms to cal=
culate thousands of varying variables via with faster computation power.. un=
der definite, defined, determined, constructed conditions.. Military decepti=
on became since then, and trough Wieners, Bartalanffy's, Hebb's, Turings, Mi=
seses, Hayeks, Neumans, Friedmans, Stiglers, Chicago boys, Pinochets, Evrens=
, global war on terrors... and global crises has become a daily life to eart=
hlings.. What is deception, what is real mixed up any more, where Evren dies=
 in peace, and state chants long live Evren..=20

>From Operations-research to Special-Operations units... By SOF personnel:

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Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 12:56:10 +0200
From: ??rsan ??enalp <>
Subject: Networked Labour University ??? Information Bulletin No. 2

Networked Labour University – Information Bulletin No. 2  [En] | 8-15
May 2015

1. NLU Opening Meeting took place on Thursday 7 May 2015

At the opening meeting, it is decided to hold bi-weekly meetings to
exchange updates, discuss technical and organisational issues, and
coordinate overall issued related to the platform development process.
The date of the next meeting is 21 May at 16:00 CET (UTC+2). Anyone
likes to engage and put a brick in the building of NLU cooperative
learning platform is more than welcome! Agenda and decisions taken at
the opening meeting can be read here:

2. Occupy your space to test our system, and learn how to build own!

Our e-campus opens its doors to individuals, groups, and communities
that are sharing a co-operative and solidarity economy perspective. We
invite you all to start experimenting with and exploiting the

Federating Moodle and Big Blue Button and using other plug-ins provided
with the Moodle, NLU e-campus platform allows to run feeds from other
websites and blogs, host social forums, embed external media, page and
other tools (like pads and wikis) and give access to scheduled online
classrooms on each spaces created on the e-campus. Together with other
design and admin options the overall system becomes a weapon of
mass-construction, for networking and organising.

NLU e-campus now gives access to individuals, groups and collective
projects access to productive and creative collaborative tool-kit that
enable users to schedule, assign and execute tasks collectively, to
organise strategic exchanges, skill sharing meetings, press conferences,
art shows, film screening, reading groups, educative or action oriented
events in all forms in one big shared space.

The NLU e-campus is organised as for main spaces: the ‘Conference Halls‘
which is devoted to one time large events; the ‘Training Centre‘ which
is reserved to various types of classes; the ‘Labour and Trade Unions
Forum‘ which is built for the use of labour and union related events and
debates; and finally ‘Open Spaces for Collaborations‘, the space created
for the use of work groups, collectives, and collaborative -local or
global- projects. If you like to reserve a space for your courses,
events, or group’s meetings just send us an email and we will help you
to create and manage it as you like! (admin email:

3. Courses being scheduled and opened for enrolment
Besides the Study Circle rounds scheduled at 3rd and 10th of June, that
were announced in the first bulletin, below classes are now open for the

Transformative Circles – One (En): Enrolment is open, starting date of
the class will be decided with the course moderator (Anna Harrris)

Crisis of the Global Labour Movement: Threat and Opportunity (En, Es):
Enrolment is open, starting date of the class will be decided in
conversation with the course tutor (Peter Waterman)

Skill Sharing for workers on Internet, computers, social media
communication and organising (Tr, En): Enrolment is open, sessions will
start when sufficient amount of people enrol to the groups (Örsan

Tektology Reading Group (En): Enrolment is open, sessions will start
when sufficient amount of people enrol to the groups (Örsan Şenalp)

Introduction to the Critique of Global Political Economy (Tr,
En):Enrolments is open, courses starts in early September (Gürsan

Study Circle on Digital Labour (Tr, En, NL): Enrolment is open, courses
will start in September (Örsan Şenalp)

Register and Enrol:

In order to enrol any classes or to apply for a space for the use of
your organisation or groups, first you need to register as NLU user by
clicking the above link and filling a short form. Then you will be able
to get in touch with the course contact person. Write to admin for
support (admin email:

4. NLU receives 1000 FairCoin donation from FairCoop’s campaign
Following its May Day launch, NLU started to accept donations in
FairCoin, and the good news is that we did just receive the first
donation from our sister cooperative-ecology Faircoop. See FariCoop
campaign here:

And to donate NLU, and other GNLU projects via bank-transfer you can use
our CoopFunding campaign here:

In solidarity!
Networked Labour University

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