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<nettime> Call for articles::Bad Subjects, Issue 88, "The University"

   Bad Subjects #88: The University

   Twenty-three years ago, Bad Subjects began with a group of grad
   students who felt that UC Berkeley was letting its proud
   post-colonialism obscure any discussion of class issues in America. A
   lot of those folks, and Bad participants who joined later, moved into
   academic positions, and some remained unaffiliated intellectuals
   writing for a variety of media.  We now turn our attention to the
   university in 2015.

   In the UK, the US and elsewhere the public university (like other
   social services and common good) is under siege by cost-cutters and
   privatizers, while the life and career choices of its graduates are
   constricted by student debt.

   Who's got radical and innovative curricula? What can be learned from
   free universities, or from teaching children, prison inmates,
   retirees, the physically or mentally challenged? What about
   alternatives to college like trade schools and apprenticeships? Is
   the Ivory Tower at cross-purposes with Education in Everyday Life?
   And, this being a university, broad in purpose and pursuit, quality
   non-theme articles will be considered too.

   Please submit articles by Aug. 15, 2015.

   molly hankwitz

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