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Re: <nettime> "A traumatic day for the SVP, a Great Day for

Hey Patrice,

yes, good news, but let's not forget that the same sovereign voted "against mass immigration" two years ago (Feb 2014), bringing Switzerland into direct conflict with the EU which, for instance, immediately cancelled collaboration on the EU student exchange program Erasmus because, under the new rule, there would have been restrictions on how many European students can come an study in CH. At the time, the response from people like us was much more disheartened. The sovereign is moody.


Am 29.02.16 um 14:39 schrieb Patrice Riemens:

This is about the clear rejection by the Swiss people (a.k.a. 'the
sovereign') of the SVP's (right-wing populist, and alas, popular, party)
'initiative' - to be adopted or rejected by popular vote - whereby
foreigners would be expelled, without process or recourse, from the
country after a mere two brushes with law in ten years (fare dodging on
the tram, or speeding on the road would qualify as such). It was a mad,
mad, proposal, which would never have made it into law, as it conflicts
big time, both with Swiss constitutional law, International law and
European treaties to which Swizerland is signatory, but all the same ...

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