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Re: <nettime> Greek reality board game.: 'Pawnshop- Days of Mistrust' (Ruth Catlow)

The pawnshop game looks great but I cant follow the usually fantastic Furtherfield 
in the luke warm relationship to Remain and willingnessto adapt to Brext. I really think this 
campaign should have been as vigerously contested by the left. Maybe with something with the energy of
Momentum’s campaign to keep Jeremy Corbyn in post which is as passionate and energised is to be if it is to 
be successful.

My question is where will we be able to play the BIG game of contesting neo-liberal power. It won’t be on the streets alone
or in national parliaments alone.. And probably not on our own as single nations, but eventually and most effectively it can begin 
as the actions taken by regional blocks on the long road to a greater convergence of progressive poitics. Its a long game that we 
should be playing not abandoning the field. 

Last week we saw how standing up to global mutinationals can begin effectively though the leverage 
of regional blocks.

Look at the houwl of protest that came when the EU demanded that Apple, (later Fiat etc) 
pay their back taxes and this houwl also came from the network of complex of state enabled 
neo-liberalism that want to keep things as they are the US and the Irish government seek to 
protect the complex architecture of sweet heart deals. 

No single country (appart from a few giants like China and the US) can exerted the leverage to trouble 
corporate giants. But a region can make a start.

Of course we know this example is the exception not the rule and the EU has a larger malign aspects well described 
by Ruth. That is why we need of democratic reform of which DIEM25 could be a first step. It is my beliefe that the UK has throw a 
large baby out with the bathwater and though it is an uphill struggle and a very long and possible futile game -I reman a remainer-. 

david garcia

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