Joseph Rabie on Fri, 9 Sep 2016 09:22:41 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Greek reality board game.: 'Pawnshop- Days of Mistrust'

> I agree with you David. I don't think one should adopt the "either/or"
> approach. It is not about EITHER large-scale conventional formal
> institutional politics OR molecular radical subversive micro-politics.
> The only way I can see it is to do both. Abandoning the field worsens
> the general situation. Embracing it entirely worsens your own self
> and renders any breakthrough, any paradigm shift, just impossible. To
> be a radical and a reformist at the same time does not make sense,
> but neither does the world. Frankly I find people who cannot play two
> desperate games at once to be lacking a tragic sense of engagement
> with the times.... Marcuse always used to say, "Yes, but remember to
> vote!"
> best, BH

I sometimes think that the time has come to leave the old world and found a new one, go somewhere isolated, in the southern hemisphere, preferably, and set up a settlement, somewhat like a kibbutz.

I lived on a kibbutz once, I was just reaching the adult end of adolescence, it was a most wonderful experience. Those were the "old days", when (to paraphrase the New Zealanders), "ideology was ideology, and sheep were enlightened". While kibbutzim still exist today, they have been privatised and in some cases their elderly populations are selling off the land; others have successfully managed the transition to a liberal economy. This process is also compounded with the demise of the Israeli left, incapable of bringing any satisfactory resolution to the oppression of the Palestinians.

As for voting, as we say in France, it is a choice between the plague and cholera.


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