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Re: <nettime> <MoneyLab> PeerValue conference review on INC MoneyLab blog

   I agree.. And perhaps David Graeber's well known "bullshit jobs" essay
   which also looked at the energies that might be released when people
   were given the economic possibilities to shape their own time and

    Along with the fear that this possibiliy engenders as "the devil
    makes work fo idle hands". This might provide one of many starting
    points for the kind of discussion proposed by Eduard. In Britain before
    there used to be the "jobseeker's allowance" the name says it all. There
    used to be the "dole". It wasn't much but there was just about enough to
    create the space that generated a host of initiatives  ("punk" is just
    one example) that are still a source of subversive energy and not so
    subversive marketing and tourism.

   d a v i d  g a r c i a

        One of the interesting aspects of the Basic income discussion is how
        this topic that originates from morality and social justice has been
        hijacked by the libertarians, subverting its purpose into yet another
        way for the haves to exploit the have-nots and at the same time
        painting neoliberalism with a social-responsible and caring gloss. To
        me this seems like a prototype of the way neoliberal thought have
        poisoned society, like the "efficient government" meme as a nice flag
        (who doesn't want government to be fficient?) to cover for a program
        to  eradicate government spending that is aimed at thos most in need,
        except, of course, on subsidies for corporate entities. For
        libertarians efficiency seems one of the arguments in support of a
        basic income.

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