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<nettime> The Great Acceleration Event (GAE)

It's depressing to hear, over and over again, "we need to" calls, as if the key is in some magical proposition, a thought, a formula, a method, which is just around the corner, just another conference or another book away. For a hammer everything is a nail, and for a tenured thinker everything is an idea.

But things will take care of themselves.

Some 2.3 billion years ago, several cyanobacteria, working in a garage, figured out how to produce oxygen from sunlight and CO2. What followed is the Great Oxygenation Event. Anaerobic life protested, held many conferences, called for de-oxygenation, and eventually died out (except few hardcore species that dug themselves into the ground.) The rest is history.

Some *will* survive the GAE and thrive.

On 9/16/16, 5:37, Felix Stalder wrote:

limit. We need to find a new economic rationality. And if it is
possible, contrary to what skeptics think all this is because we can not
do otherwise.

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