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Re: <nettime> Brian Krebs > The Democratization of Censorship

Very interesting in content, but the title is inappropriate.

When you have billions of people in agreement that the
documentation of say child abuse does not belong onto
the Internet, that is democratic censorship. And you could
say it is a legitimate form of censorship, fueled by basic
achievements of human society like banning slavery and murder.

What is described here is the *anarchization* of censorship,
empowering every egotistic butthead to act in disrespect of
society, fulfilling their personal interests against whoever
be their victim.

Welcome to the Wild West Web.

We've been there for decades already, but some are taking
longer to understand.

And to those who think anarchism of censorship could be a
good thing.. I have no doubt certain three-letter state
actors are still the by far best at making use of such
loopholes. Focusing on an apparent bunch of criminals is
distracting from the main problem the Internet has.

On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 03:26:31PM +0100, nettime_distributed-denialist wrote:

> The sad truth these days is that it's a lot easier to censor
> the digital media on the Internet than it is to censor
> printed books and newspapers in the physical world. On the
> Internet, anyone with an axe to grind and the willingness to
> learn a bit about the technology can become an instant,
> self-appointed global censor.

To me it is simply overdue to start using distributed 
uncensorable tools rather than sticking to the Wild West Web.

Don't know if Freenet is up to the challenge, don't know
if IPFS' habit of only duplicating what is being asked for
is sufficient... I only know that GNUnet was specifically
designed to tackle this scenario, pro-actively replicating
content while you use it for other purposes, and designed to 
scale to compete with the cloud of other people's computers.

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