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Re: <nettime> WG: Fwd: Re: Forms of decisionism

There is another interesting outcome proposed here

namely, gated communities/city-states in the midst of medieval chaos:

The third solution, and if the truth be told the path I suspect at least
the United States is on right now, is to do absolutely nothing and let
the goddamn proles scavenge like fucking Morlocks in whatever wretched
hovels they can afford; far away from you. The ensuing problems here are
obvious but not entirely unmanageable; protests, violence, riots and
massive waves of public discontent. You would need complete control over
the political process to prevent the public from electing leaders who
might address this growing inequity. You’d need to live apart from the
proles, in gated communities and opulent, towering skyscrapers far away
from the unrest your “do nothing and let them eat cake” policies create.

Mostly however, wealthy elites hoping to do precisely nothing and keep
squeezing the public for maximum profit after essentially editing them
out of the economy would need a violent, heavily armed/militarized
police force prepared to do whatever it takes, legal or not to keep an
outraged, vengeful public away from your idyllic life – because sooner
or later, the goddamn proles are going to figure out that you’ve left
them for dead and then the shit will really hit the fan.

Looks like the most realistic projection so far.

Start practicing chanting "Two men enter, one man leaves ..."

On 7/24/16, 12:12, Morlock Elloi wrote:
When most of the population has no 'work' to offer for exchange for
machine-produced goods (food, water, medical assistance), several
outcomes come to mind, sorted by decreasing probability:

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