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Re: <nettime> Digital leftism in a globalised world?

I wish.

The 'left' discourse has been divorced from the reality for almost a decade, since the mixed race president got into the office. This cognitive dissonance was required to imagine the progress.

Everything became a meme, a notion, an idea, easy to contain, direct and bend. Instead of propaganda being manufactured by the state, the whole swaths of population willingly took part in it. Many of the loud ones got paid.

It's hard to wean off that. Just look at the panic when the reality refused to follow the doctored polls. The real shock, and the end to the cargo cult politics will come when the new masters start laying off the obsolete propaganda machine.

Twitter is cheaper.

On 1/26/17, 6:34, Alexander Bard wrote:

    Can we please raise the quality of postings on this forum to at least
    slightly above the junior high school level?
    And while I'm at it, may I suggest a pause from the usage of the sloppy
    demonising term "neo-liberalism"?
    I can not in all honesty accept that we put a word on some kind of
    garbage waste bin into which we are all allowed to throw in anything we
    do not spontaneously like and then refer to it as "neo-liberalism". It
    is not just sloppy, it is outright idiotic, and it explains why The
    Left is losing everything as we speak. It has gone lazily bonkers.

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