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Re: <nettime> Conversion disorder of the left

   quoting you here:

   <<So why is there no discourse in the progressive/left/MSM circles what
   this 10 year strategy might be? Is it so scary that it induced
   hysterical blindness and refusal to acknowledge that such strategy even

   we know the ten year plan...move to a privatized government so
   interlaced with profit-making that the term "military industrial
   entertainment complex" will go out of style and we might need to
   replace with "fascist commercial industrial comedy megastructure".
   seriously, the plan to privatize public land, the plan to drill and
   drill, regardless of carbon cycles; the plan to legislate morality on
   sodomizers and abortionists (forget twee pc self-naming practices - all
   one world - einz Welt fur alles?, right?)
   We know the plan is to go backwards in time in terms of "the people"
   and who we are and what our rights are, and to go forward in terms of
   investing in gov't/business as one and the same. no more public sector
   that acts like one. a ten year plan starting ten years ago and ten
   years before that...

   <<One reason is that in the past decade or two the media successfully
   turned public narrative into 24-hour identity politics items,
   successfully removing long term agendas from the sight. In the process
   of doing so, it conditioned not only the target public but also

   I think you are right, that we were conditioned by neo-liberal media
   style. I think we are withdrawing from that drug now. We got so much
   personal attention and customization in the last 8 years that its a
   hard diet to go on, Trump's agenda. However, I would argue that for
   many, the long term projects were: improvements in health care, (no no
   more ACA), core curriculum implementation in schools (now no more of
   this and possible serious deprivation of public education), and
   Alternative Energy investment to wean the US from fossil fuel
   consumption. (forget this, Big Oil is at the helm). These are,
   obviously, 3 programs which Obama supported which the people saw as
   improvements which were going to be LONG TERM!

   <<What we may be witnessing is real politics becoming visible again.
   Gradually. >>

   They can dismantle the paperwork of Obama's plans, but they cannot
   remove the inscriptions of our labor to support these ideas, or the
   many hours of work we put in supporting them regardless of Obama. His
   best capacity as Pres was to listen to the people and draw off
   research, data, the knowledge community. opposite of mr. trump's
   "ignorance is profit" mentality.
   My two bits

   On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 1:55 PM, Morlock Elloi <> wrote:

     There is a curious consensus around the newly inaugurated
     administrator of the US of A:

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