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Re: <nettime> Armin Medosch (1962-2017)

actually i avoid obituaries and funerals. they are more about the
people who stay than the people who go. and they are about status and
memory. how many people will show up, how many people will give a
speech. damn it. in this case, i have to write, expecting that Armin
Medosch would have done the same. get his grips together and go back
in time. traverse the network of people, places, events. help to edit
the pages on monoskop and maybe wikipedia. we never have been friends
on facebook. i know that for the ones beeing very near it will be
almost impossible to write more. recently i read the obituary of a
comrade by another comrade and actually it was all about comradery as
a self reflection of purpose, which can quite easily become a
monologue in front of a mirror. when looking back and forth again, you
acknowledge that time is linear, so i think what Armin did was looking
around, quite early, have a lookout, and be there eagerly waiting,
grudgingly dismissing those who were not ready yet. luckily we shared
this perspective. it is a rather circular view in all directions, and
a combination of all senses, which is needed, which opens up a plane
of intrinsic qualities, which can only be experienced, and are
therefore a product of social labor, as something which has to be
realized together. with such opportunities, other forces and explorers
are working hard to gain and claim ground. other seasons begin and
other qualities are needed. remember the smile. you need a big heart,
some humour, and a lot of anger to keep going. as travelling warriors
it is not so much about the fight, or even the enemy, than the
territory itself which determines the struggle. the potential is not
the one of a native who claims spiritual ownership, but of a futurity
as a multidimensional topology which must remain open in a good way,
which keeps a flow going, and keeps coming back to pose new
opportunities of struggle. retiring from resistance is impossible. the
moment you ask what was in it for you, you're just hurting yourself.
in so far it is like a song, which you and anyone can sing again, a
pattern of a track which repeats itself, a faint radio frequency to
tune into. have a good flight.


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