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Re: <nettime> Foundations for "Anthropocene Socialist" Movement

Hello all,
In trying to keep track of the contours of this conversation; I seem to find it somehow removed from current political realities; as if the questions posed in this discussion, while clearly relevant to the world we live in, can be resolved in what seems to be a political vacuum.

What I mean is this: where or in what way does the AS movement intersect with all the various/diverse forms of political insurgencies currently erupting in different countries? How does this relate to Brexit for example? Does the "Anthropocene Socialist” Movement intersect with DieM25 another example… Or Volt? Beyond a host of good ideas, what exactly is the political framework for the AS movement? Sorry to raise these rather practical questions but people here in Budapest are in the streets challenging the programme of an oppressive extreme right-wing government and I’ve been trying to figure out how this discussion relates to this ongoing struggle. 


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