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<nettime> Statement by Assange legal team U.S. interrogation a dozen diplomats from his embassy

"Ecuador's new regime has done a 180 turn in relation to protecting Mr. Assange and is now assisting the U.S. government to interrogate its own diplomats about him. This is a flagrant violation of Ecuador's binding legal obligations under refugee law to not assist agents of the U.S. in their attempts to prosecute Mr. Assange as well as a clear violation of the immunities of its diplomatic staff. Last month The New York Times reported that Ecuador's current President Lenin Moreno offered to illegally trade Mr. Assange for US "debt relief". This government's unscrupulous, lawless behavior is entirely contrary to international norms on refugee protection and press freedoms."

[for further information on this breaking issue, see and]

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A la recherche de l'information perdue
some technofeminist reflections on Wikileaks

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