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<nettime> Good Data - Institute of Network Cultures Theory on Demand #29 now available & Amsterdam launch tomorrow (24 Jan)

We are delighted to announce the publication of ‘Good Data’, #29 in the Institute of Network Cultures Theory on Demand series.

This open access book, edited by Angela Daly, S Kate Devitt and Monique Mann, contains 20 chapters from an international interdisciplinary group of authors, starting the conversation on what Good Data is and how we can progress towards a pragmatic Good Data future. 

These 20 chapters paint a more positive picture of what our digital lives and practices are and could be. We don’t have to accept the Bad Data dystopia we are currently in, or give up our digital tech entirely and retreat to Neo-Luddism.

Another digitised world is possible (and necessary), and Good Data shows us a glimpse of what and how it could be. 

The book can be found here for free download (in various formats):

The Institute of Network Cultures has published a series of blogposts from Good Data authors summarising their Good Data interventions, which can be found here: 

If you happen to be in Amsterdam NL tomorrow (Thursday 24 January), join Good Data editor Monique Mann and a selection of Good Data authors for the official launch party, from 17:00/5pm @ Spui25.

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