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Re: <nettime> John Naughton on Shoshana Zuboff: 'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism

- Booking targeted advertising becomes illegal/impossible, so you
   go back to do regular advertising.
- Since the whole industry does the same, your competitors have
   no advantage over you.
- If your business model was profoundly unethical, you go out of
   business. That is intentional.

Transition within months, mostly painless.

Looks much simpler than detecting heretical behavior of Catholic converts - and that one totally worked.

However, not sure that painless is a good idea ... this is a great opportunity to rehabilitate garroting. Transition within days. I'm pretty sure that prospect of garroting FB and GOOG execs can bring high double-digit votes in most of the developed word. Why is it not happening?

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