JSalloum on Wed, 14 Feb 96 23:57 MET

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nettime: Middle East projects.

Dear Pit, 

I don't know if this ever got put out on Nettime in your reshuffle.  If not
please send out.  Thanks, Jayce.

Call for Submissions: 
For a group of exhibitions/screenings, a catalogue and a collection of
essays, considering the representation of the Middle East and artists/writers
working on issues concerning the relationship(s) between the Middle East/West
Asia and the West on a personal or geo-political scale.  As well we will be
looking at crises of identity, nationalism(s)/borders, naming,
gender/sexuality, class and the exoticization of difference.  Please send
documentation of work in any medium, if return requested include S.A.S.E. or
postage. Deadline for receipt of submissions, April 1st, 1996 for current
projects and ongoing for future projects  Send to J. Salloum/Public Domain,
186 Avenue B, #5, New York, NY, 10009,  ph/fx:(212)982-8967

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