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A half milleneum ago three ships ventured from Spain to what they thought
was India. They did not know any of the people there, nor their culture or
way of thinking. They weren't even in India. And they did not care. Their
one and only aim was: conquer and spread there own ideas & culture &
religion. Their meme-complexes had a simple rule: infect the other or
destroy it. And this is what they did & they succeeded. Amen.

Some centuries later there were people in the eastern side of North
America. And there were other poeple to the West. They did not know each
other too well, and they didn't really care. One thing the guys on the
east did though: conquer the west. This time it was more brutal: there
was no excuse, only the dead indians were good indians. This simple rule
they used, and they succeeded. Amen.

Some more centuries later, grandson of the ones mentioned above venture
to a territory called cyberspace. They don't really know it, but they
don't really care. They just want to infect this land with their rules.
First, they try the easy way with some laws & regulations. If this
doesn't work out, there comes the hard way. (After all, these are the
guys who extinguished all the Inca, conquered the Indians, won the Kuwait
war and who are 'peacekeeping' in ex-Yugoslavia.) And they will succeed,
won't they? Amen.

And why? Simple: the ones who succeeded in the past had the real-world
power. And on this new battlefield which side has the guns? 'Cause I
don't have any...


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