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nettime: RIVERS&BRIDGES call for projects!

is a world-wide project for radio and all communications
media (Internet, BBS, Telephone, Fax, etc.) initiated by
the ARS ACUSTICA Experts Group of the European
Broadcasting Union (EBU).

RIVERS&BRIDGES will focus on the week of
    September 1 to 7, 1996 with the main events
    taking place on September 5 (in the context
    of the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL'96) but it
    has, in reality, already begun and will
    probably never really end ... persisting as
    long as the rivers and bridges themselves.
    Ideally, sub-projects and collaborations
    between participating locations should take
    place before, during and after the official
    It is also intended that the communications
    infrastructure created during the project
    should continue afterwards as a platform
    for research, discussion and collaboration
    ... as an open laboratory for new projects.

    RIVERS&BRIDGES is a further development of
    the immensely successful "HORIZONTAL
    RADIO", a global multimedia radio/Internet
    project (June 22/23 1995). Local events --
    performances, installations, concerts --
    were incorporated into the tapestry of the
    project and broadcast, sampled, remixed and
    rebroadcast, live, by 24 radio stations on
    30 radio channels - and on the Internet -
    for 24 hours.

    Jocelyn Robert (Qubc) and Jnos Sugr,
    (Budapest) have been asked by the ARS
    ACUSTICA group to develop the conceptual
    structure of the project*. They have given
    the project the subtitle: "Backward
    Translation as a Creative Strategy", which
    is meant to direct the project to questions
    - and problems - of interaction (and its
    representation) between different social
    groups, disciplines, languages, epochs and
    the tension between notions of "high" and
    "popular" culture.
    * [STATEMENT BY J. ROBERT & J.SUGAR] Jan.1, 1996

    The theme "Rivers and Bridges" should be
    understood as a basic concept (the
    relationship of rivers to bridges and
    bridges to rivers) that can be interpreted
    literally, metaphorically, poetically,
    historically. "Flowing" and "Bridging" are
    often used metaphorically in describing the
    movement of information in the networks and
    the globe-spanning transmission systems
    that comprise them. The theme therefore
    allows a broad scope for projects of all
    kinds and it is hoped that artists of every
    discipline as well as many creative
    non-artists will join in the project.

    As with "Horizontal Radio", each
    participating group, radio station,
    location, etc., will be responsible for the
    artistic content of their contribution, and
    for its technical, financial and
    organizational realization.

Please have a look to the following URLs for complete information:'n'B.htm

cordiali saluti,

- Roberto Paci Dalo'

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