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nettime: !: Radio TTT

if speech is freedom, listening is innocence 
if sound is pleasure, the ear is subversive 
if radio is erotic, the waves are in extasy 
(Mother Teresa, when she was listening to Radio TTT)

TTT in TAZRadio TTT invites you to enter the Temporary
Autonomous Zone (TAZ) which will exist in the night of the
16th of April from 1 - 2 o'clock in the medium wave of the
continental ether, wavelength 747 AM. When the sky is the
limit this must be Paradajz.

A coincidental coalition of free-minded radiomakers,
soundmixers  and masterblasters will present samples from
the Zagreb underground, floating soundscapes escaping from
multimedia pressure-cookers, interrupted by unidentifiable
messages from tourists, hooligans, mad dogs and other
trespassers. RADIO TTT on 747 AMNo, it's not the blackbox
of a Boeing transmitting a bad weather report from
Dubrovnik. Radio TTT doesn't claim any military, diplomatic
or political success of any kind in the Pannonian theatre..
It is more like the Phantom of the Op! era.It is not a
microstation defined by it's short range and low profile
location. It's range is unlimited and it's location
undefinable. Today it may be here, tomorrow in Tuzla,
Tbilisi or Yokohama. And anytime in cyberspace:

E-mail: <radio-ttt_zg+zamir-zg.ztn.zpc.org>, <ttt@desk.nl>
worldwideweb: http://mediafilter.org/mff/radioTTT.html

Radio TTT is not a moneystation. There are no prizes to
win. Halo, halo. Dobar dan. Ne slu|a. TTT does not go
better with coke, it will not make things better and is
certainly not good for your baby.Radio TTT does not tell
you how to behave, not even how to rave. It does not offer
information, it generates deformation. Radio TTT does not
control the army or the pope. If it kills it is up to you
to deal with its friendly fire.check your connections, face
the sky, stay tuned.

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