Robert Adrian on Thu, 18 Apr 96 09:32 MDT

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nettime: Re: hypergarbage.. hyperbole..

>Dear Hyperpeople,

It was the the name *HYPERNATION* that excited me when I
suggested to Hank that the title and the theme would be an
exciting addition to a NETTIME list that seemd to be drifting
and losing focus.

Since we are being flooded with information about the rebirth
of *Nationalism* and wars about territory, race and religion
connected to nationalist notions in the *REAL* world it seemed
to me that the discussion about the nature and future of the
*NET*  (as a kind of virtual territory) might be a way to
rethink nationalism ... and the ideology of a kind of Super-
Nationalism which has been proposed here (JP Barlow et al).

I think it should also be understood that the HYPERNATION
project originates in Canada, a country which is in danger
of being torn apart by nationalist forces. Rethinking nationalism
is very much a foreground concern of Canadians.

I, on the other hand, live in Austria, a country with 2 new
*nations* (Slovenia and Slovakia) on its borders and a nationalist
war in Bosnia, a few hundred kilometers to the south. *Nations*
are a very real and serious and scary problem in this part of
the world.

But it is really the irony of the title *Hypernation* which makes
it interesting and useful --  it also reminds us that it is a
discussion taking place within the context of an artwork/artproject.
Hypernation is a network sculpture! Its product could and should
be a new way of understanding territory and space.


Robert Adrian

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