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Milano 17th of April 1996

ShaKe Publishing cooperative (Milano, Italy) to present our book by prof. Paolo
Farnetti, "Black Panthers. History and Myth of the BPP" promoted, on 11th to
15th of April 1996, an event called "Black Panthers, racism and death rows", to
support the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. This event was comprised of 3 meetings in
Bologna, Rome and Milan, featuring gigs, theater performances, video and movie
screenings, fundraising dinners etc.
Leonard Weinglass, attended the meetings and spoke over the case.
The following Italian groups and associations, mainly the so called "centri
sociali" (C.s., squatted social centers), all contributed to the organization
of the event and to the fundraising:

C.s. Livello 57
36 okkupato
Libreria Grafton

C.s. Forte Prenestino
C.s. Auro e Marco

C.s. Cox 18
Calusca City Lights Bookshop
C.s. Leoncavallo
Pergola Tribe
Sanantonio Rock Squat
C.s. Garibaldi
Panetteria Occupata
Ponte Della Ghisolfa
Libreria Utopia
Casa Occ. Transiti & Infocafe'
C.s. Vittoria
Ass.cult. Bakeka
Coll. Barakka
Centro di Iniziativa Proletaria Cascina Novella Occupata

The series of events gathered more than 2.000 people, collected hundreds of
signatures and the amount of 1192 US dollars.

In solidarity,
ShaKe and all the organizers
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