Sjoera Nas on Mon, 9 Sep 96 09:41 METDST

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nettime: Next week: Amnesty International Film Festival + Website

Next week the Amnesty International Film Festival 1996 will take place in
theatre De Balie and cinema Alfa at the Leidseplein, in the centre of
Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Sunday September 15th writer Eduardo Galeano
from Uruguay will officially open the festival with a lecture about
international censorship. 

In 4 days some 50 recent international films and documentaries about human
rights will be screened. With the announcement of the winner of the Amnesty
Award (US dollars 5.000), Thursday evening September 19th, the festival will
be closed.

Besides films some 16 websites and 7 cd-roms have been selected for
presentation during the festival. The complete catalogue with descriptions,
pictures, program and booking info is available at
For more information please contact (Sjoera Nas - de Balie)
Sjoera Nas
Program Officer New Media
The Balie - Amsterdam
Coming up: Amnesty International Film Festival 1996
September 15-19,

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